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One day that is completely about YOU. A day to slow down, relax and recalibrate. To be inspired by some of New Zealand’s leading health and wellness practitioners. Gather some practical tips to take away and incorporate into your daily routine. And get a little bit closer to achieving a sense of balance and wellness in your life.

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About Wellness Retreats NZ

Wellness Retreats NZ brings together New Zealand’s most inspirational and talented wellbeing professionals, like-minded brands and fabulous venues to create beautifully balanced days of wellness. Set in luxurious surroundings, our retreats comprise of energising yoga, educational seminars, practical workshops, guided meditation and one-on-one consultations to help you nourish mind, body and soul. And we have sought out leading brands who provide eco-friendly, sustainable products and services to support and contribute to each retreat. Our retreats are designed to be achievable for busy New Zealanders who want to live wholesomely inside and out.

Your Host

 “My journey to wellness following a life changing experience with Chronic Fatigue/Adrenal Fatigue has fuelled my desire to share my story, educate, inspire and guide others on their journey to wellness. Through Wellness Retreats NZ my dream is to gather together key wellbeing professionals who have supported and helped me on my path to wellness. I feel truly blessed to be living every day following my passion and dream of helping others. What I have learnt from this journey is that putting health and happiness first is the most important thing in life. Love yourself and those around you.”

Melissa Carroll

Founder Wellness Retreats NZ & Yoga Teacher

Vitality Workshops Retreat

Day-long retreat for men & woman

Five Knots, Tamaki Yacht Club, Auckland

Sunday 26th June 2016

Modern day lifestyles are complex, busy and stressful, taking a big toll on our health and wellness. Our Vitality Workshops Retreat is about taking control over fatigue, stress, depression and anxiety with breathing, meditation techniques and workshops that will provide you with a toolkit of strategies to find vitality in your every day. You do not have to have any of the specific conditions mentioned to attend, for you this day might just be about bringing balance back to your system and your lifestyle.

You will hear from:

Ben Warren: Nutrition for feeling fantastic everyday

Nikki Ralston: Redefine your body’s response to stress

Lynne Walder: Use your inner compass to find happiness

Erin O’Hara: Elevate your energy through kundalini, meditation & pranayama

Tyron Penning & Brooke Lishman: Bring your body back to life

Melissa Carroll: Slow-flow yoga & mindfulness – all levels

Please email with any queries or to secure your spot.

This is a day-long retreat running from 9.00am – 4.30pm. Tickets are priced at $295pp and spaces are limited to 28. This includes all the workshops and seminars, a delicious wholefood lunch, snacks and refreshments throughout the day. PLUS a deluxe goodie bag filled with luscious and lovely products from our wonderful sponsors valued at $150.

Secure your spot here and you will receive an email within 1 working day with details to make your $100 deposit or full payment.

Recharge & Reset

Woman’s Urban Retreat

Day-long retreat

Sunday 11th September 2016

Spring is a time for rebirth, blossoming flowers and new life. It is the perfect time of year to get your body back into balance naturally. This day-long retreat is designed for you to learn simple tools to boost your hormone health at any age, optimise digestion, elevate and energise with our yoga and meditation practices and get educated about products to avoid and those to embrace. Guest speakers and retreat location will be announced soon.

Secure your spot here and you will receive an email within 1 working day with details to make your $100 deposit or full payment.

Motivate & Move

Woman’s Urban Retreat

Day-long retreat

Sunday 20th November 2016

Be ready for your best summer yet! Get motivated to move your body, set your goals and find your inner spark with our inspirational speakers, yoga and movement workshops. This day offers short and sharp workshops revolved around re-empowering your journey with playful movement and healthy nutrition. It offers time to reflect on your achievements from the year and set goals for your next chapter. You will leave this day feeling relaxed, inspired and motivated. Guest speakers and retreat location will be announced soon.

Secure your spot here and you will receive an email within 1 working day with details to make your $100 deposit or full payment.

Corporate Wellness

A thriving business relies on the health and vitality of the individuals that keep it running. Keep your employees healthy, happy and motivated and they in turn will help keep you customers and clients loyal.

With modern day lifestyles people do not often get the chance to unwind, de-stress or re-energise. Our goal is to provide a foundational skill-set to help support work / life balance. All of our programs are uniquely designed to empower people on an individual level, as well as increase the productivity of the business as a whole.

Some “wellness in the workplace” ideas include:

  • weekly onsite yoga classes
  • healthy snack workshops
  • full-day wellness retreats
  • wellness mornings – educational talks, guest speakers, Q&A sessions.

Corporate and gift vouchers available on request. Email for more details about how we can craft a unique wellness plan for your team today! 

  • Mel and her team did an amazing job creating a “Wellness sanctuary" at our recent Deloitte Festival of Fast Growth, held at Villa Maria. Along with inspirational speakers and topical panel discussions, our guests were treated to informative sessions with Mel around the importance of wellness, movement and nutrition in the work-place. Several of the 250 attendees listed Mel’s session as the highlight of the entire day. Perhaps swayed by the blissful head and shoulder massages provided by Mel’s team! The day went completely as planned, due mainly to Mel’s thoughtful and professional approach. We can’t wait to have her back.

    November 2015, Deloitte

Our Guest Speakers

  • Ben Warren
    Ben WarrenFounder Be Pure, Msc (hons) Holistic Nutrition, BA (hons) Experimental Psychology

    Our fast paced daily life, stress or a series of stressful events; poor nutrition and exposure to toxins are some of the many things that contribute to Adrenal Fatigue – the 21st century stress syndrome. Adrenal fatigue is a common condition that affects New Zealanders’ leading to burnout, fatigue and depression. Ben is a leading holistic practitioner who specialises in treating hormonal imbalances through diet and nutrition. He will cover topics what to eat to feel your best, nutrients and foods for depression/anxiety, resolving adrenal fatigue and energy production via nutrition. 

    Ben Warren brings a refreshing holistic clinical approach to New Zealand’s health and wellbeing industry. Ben has made it his mission to build a new future of health by empowering and educating New Zealander’s on the importance of nutrition through his seminars and online programmes.

    For the past 10 years, Ben has been running a private health and performance practice in Havelock North, while simultaneously running nutrition courses across New Zealand and internationally.

    We welcome Ben to the team and look forward to his first workshop with us at our
    Vitality Workshops Retreat where he will cover the importance nutrition has on supporting the healing of adrenal fatigue and maintenance of health. 

    • Nikki Ralston
      Nikki RalstonYoga & Mindfulness Educator

      Are you stressing over deadlines? Is your nervous system over taxed and running on adrenaline? If you’re experiencing signs of stress before the day has even properly started, yogi and wellness practitioner Nikki Ralston says it could be time to rethink your response.

      Stress is a natural part of life that we cannot avoid. Changing your view of stress and altering your day to day life is one big part of managing and viewing stress in a more positive and empowering way. Nikki’s talk is full of simple tools and techniques to become more mindful and live in a way that strengthens you rather than depletes you.

      The owner of Urban Ashram in Auckland, Lululemon ambassador, mother and wellness powerhouse, Nikki is a natural teacher whose passion for yoga and wellbeing shines through and is infectious to others.

      Nikki has devised her own ‘Ralston Method’ which blends together the best elements of vinyasa, precision alignment and mindfulness teachings. Her delightful sense of humour encourages students to reclaim the joy within their practice combined with her understanding of subtle energies delivers a transformative experience. Her classes are strong yet grounded, empowering her students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

      • Erin O’Hara
        Erin O’HaraNaturopath, medical herbalist, yogi & inspirational speaker

        Kundalini Yoga uses movement, sound current, breath and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body to allow your energy to flow freely. In this session you will combine powerful breathing techniques, physical postures and meditation to unlock your true potential and experience your highest consciousness. 

        This will be a fun workshop for everyone who wants to release tension, increases energy, and feel healthy and happy.

        Erin has spent over a decade gathering knowledge and qualifications in health and wellness through study, scientific research, personal illness, racing as a professional athlete, and an intrinsic passion for health naturally. Drawing from this experience and knowledge she focuses on prevention, education, yoga, nutrition, and natural medicines. She takes an integrative approach looking at physical, mental, and spiritual health to bring people to a place of inner harmony and happiness.

        Erin also guides people to grow spiritually with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Mediation. Her classes guide you on an inner journey to experience your true self and potential.

        • Brooke Lishman & Tyron Penning
          Brooke Lishman & Tyron Penning
           Brooke Lishman 
          Director of Back To Life Wellness, Holistic Physiotherapist
          BHSc (Physio); GradDip Manipulation Therapy, and Sports Extremity Manipulation
          Tyrone Penning 
          Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist
          BHSc (Acupuncture); Dip Tuina, and Qigoing
          Brooke & Tyron will be available for 30 minutes consultations during our Vitality Workshops Retreat.

          Back to Life Wellness first opened its Albany doors in August 2014, with a mission to provide truly holistic health care that fuses the best of the East and West. To achieve that goal all five elements that make a person whole must be considered, and where relevant incorporated into the treatment plan. Working closely together Brooke and Tyrone specialize in all things physical, whether that be an external / structural issue or an internal / system complaint. Their primary focus is always the cause of the problem not just the symptom, and as such they place a lot of importance on educating their clients to be in control, independent, and self-managing.

          They love working with those who are open to expanding their horizons, and willing to embrace change.

          • Lynne Walder
            Lynne WalderPsychotherapist & Personal Development Coach

            Use your inner compass to find happiness..feeling sad, mad, anxious? Negative emotions are essential for our health. In fact, anger and sadness are an important part of life and new research shows that experiencing and accepting such emotions are vital to our mental health. In this workshop Lynne will show you how to use your feelings to benefit yourself and get you back on track to wellbeing.

            Lynne specialises in the area of mental fitness and emotional health. She’s a personal trainer for your BRAIN and nutritionist for your MIND. Lynne aims to make mental hygiene part of everyone’s daily routine, as standard as brushing your teeth or combing your hair! Mindfulness and emotional intelligence is central to her work.

            Qualified in the U.K. as a Psychotherapist, and later as a Personal Development Coach, Lynne works internationally, and has clients all over the globe. She’s gained her stripes working in the toughest of environments; drug rehabs, prison, psychiatric hospitals with clients who were extremely challenging, demanding, and resistant to change.

            Lynne’s focus is, not on what is ‘wrong’ with people, but on what is ‘right’ with them. “We are all a work in progress, and have an innate potential to grow, blossom, and learn to live life in colour”


            • Mel Carroll
              Mel CarrollFounder Wellness Retreats NZ & Yoga Teacher

              Mel will open the retreat day with a nourishing, restorative yoga practice to get you grounded, connected and flowing, suitable for all levels. Yoga strengthens our awareness between the mind, body and soul. Whether you’re a committed yogi or a newcomer to the practice, you’ll find the guidance and encouragement you need to find inner balance and strength.

              Enjoy a rejuvenating flow to get you grounded, connected, breathing and set for the day.

              Mel is a popular yoga teacher, certified in Vinyasa flow, teaching at Urban Ashram (Ponsonby), Positive Balance (Birkenhead) and Biba Boutique. She is also a guest instructor at lululemon and provides private yoga instruction to individuals and businesses looking to bring a little more wellness into their every day. Mel is a certified Face Yoga teacher, trained in the UK by Danielle Collins.




              • The variety of all the pieces of the puzzle are all hugely valuable to have in one day.  All elements arm you with a complete toolbox to be healthy – making it easier to make changes for life.

                June 8, 2014 - Matakana
              • Great to see so many passionate people who have used their own experiences to educate others. Very inspiring.

                September 14, 2014 - Matakana
              • A totally inspiring and decadent day - I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and have a toolbox full of fresh new ideas and utensils to ensure 2015 is a great year!

                Feb 15, 2015, Biba Boutique Salon
              • Being a busy mum to my 3 ½ and 2 year old I was yearning for some “ME” time. I was hesitant at first as we had been on a single income for years however I was stuck in an exhausting rut and needing a pick me so I bit the bullet and attend a wellness retreat. It was the best thing I have done for years. Money well spent, as I gained so so much out of the day from the speakers and practitioners, not to mention all the delicious foods and drinks on offer and an AMAZING goodie bag at the end of the day. If your nerves are getting the better of you don’t let them, Mel is so welcoming and everyone else there is just as excited, nervous and/or anxious as you. I thoroughly recommend it. Thanks Mel and all the other speakers/practitioners it was exactly what this busy mummy needed.

                May 24, Seafarers Britomart

              Retreat info at a glance

              2015 Retreat Reviews

              We started the year on a lovely high with our Motivate and Move urban retreat at the stunning Biba Boutique Salon on Sunday 15th February. Our 22 lovely guests were motivated to move their body, set their goals for 2015 and find their inner spark with our inspirational speakers, yoga and movement workshops.

              This retreat was a short-format programme packed with fantastic speakers and practitioners who each had just 30-45mins to motivate and inspire.

              This is the second time we’ve run this popular retreat. A perfect urban escape for busy ladies, without having to leave the city. Watch out for a re-run of this retreat in November.

              Moving into May we hosted our new theme Mums and Teens retreat tailored especially for Mums and Teenage Daughters to enjoy and our Nurture & Nourish retreat at the stunning Seafarers Britomart. Fashion met fitness and food at these retreats. Our guests nurtured their bodies and nourished their minds with our nutrition, wellbeing, movement and personal style workshops. These retreat days will return next year.

              In June we enjoyed a fabulous day of learning and relaxation over on Waiheke Island for our Vitality Workshops Retreat at the tranquil Te Toki Retreat. It was a perfect venue for snuggling up on a winters day! Our guests spent the day doing yoga by the open fire, learning key tools to help bring vitality back into their everyday lives from our inspirational speakers and indulging in delicious wholefood cuisine. We will be featuring this retreat theme again in October for those who missed out, however this time it will be held at our new venue The Sapphire Room in Ponsonby Central.

              In September we enjoyed an inspiring day of relaxation and learning at our Spring Detox Retreat, held at The Sapphire Room in Ponsonby Central. The venue was an urban oasis of calm, the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. The day involved, yoga, workshops, seminars with a theme of detoxing your mind body, soul and home! At the end of the day guests were gifted a deluxe take home goodie bag full of treats from our amazing sponsors. Yet another fabulous retreat… look out for this theme again next year!

              2016 retreats themes at a glance

              We are excited to bring you a range of event formats, themes and locations in 2016 including both one day retreats and co-ed retreats.

              February 21: Motivate & Move women’s urban day-long retreat

              May 22: NURTURE & NOURISH urban day-long retreat for men and women

              June 26: Vitality Workshops day-long retreat for men and women

              September 11: Recharge & Reset women’s urban day-long retreat

              November 20: Motivate & Move women’s urban day-long retreat

              Further details on these events will be announced soon

              Register your interest here

              Our beautiful venues

              Five Knots, Tamaki Yacht Club

              Quiet, picturesque and exclusive. Nestled on the water’s edge, Five Knots is a destination that will play host for Wellness Retreats NZ in the year to come. A true escape, you can take in the entire magic of the Auckland Harbour with 180-degree views, looking over the unforgettable Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island, with the skyline of Auckland City as your backdrop. Located only 7km drive from Auckland City, close to Auckland’s Mission Bay, our new venue offers you a tranquil setting without the travel. Five Knots is easily accessible by car, taxi and public transport, and offers complimentary on-site carparking.

              Te Toki Retreat

              Set amongst lush subtropical gardens in the heart of Palm Beach, Waiheke Island on Auckland’s sparkling Hauraki Gulf. Just 40 minutes by Ferry from downtown Auckland and 8 minutes drive to the Retreat. Te Toki Retreat provides tranquil surroundings large rain-forest palms, rare exotic plants and other natives for our retreat guests to enjoy.

              Biba Boutique

              Introducing our vibrant North Shore venue, Biba Boutique in Birkenhead. A fabulous hair salon by day, the venue transforms into a light-filled, open space for entertaining and events. Biba Boutique is the perfect venue for our urban retreat days – a blissful escape without leaving the city!

              The Sapphire room – Ponsonby Cenrtal

              This is a striking venue that boasts high ceilings and an air of industrial chic. It’s the perfect getaway within the city for our urban retreats. Parking is a breeze!

              More venues and locations for 2016 to be announced soon!

              Wellness Investment

              We understand that life is all about juggling priorities, which is why our goal is to make our retreats affordable and achievable for busy NZ men and women. Put your health and wellbeing first. Gift yourself (or someone you love) a day to slow down, relax and recalibrate. And, your chance to see our highly sought after practitioners, all together on one day.

              Each retreat has different price points depending on the theme, speakers, venue and duration of the event, but ticket prices generally start from $295 pp.

              Why not gift someone you love a Wellness Retreat?
              The perfect gift for busy people who deserve some ‘Me’ time. Perhaps they’re looking for the motivation to make some changes in their life, or maybe they could do with just a day to recalibrate.

              Vouchers start from $100 towards a retreat.  Contact us below to request.

              Retreat bookings, enquiries & gift vouchers


              Why not gift yourself or someone you love a Wellness Retreat day?

              Please complete the form below to enquire about our retreats, to purchase a gift voucher or to secure your spot to make your $100 deposit or full payment. All emails will be answered within 1 working day. Or you can call Mel on 022 680 2186 for more details.

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